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 Chuck's Camera Tweak

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PostSubject: Chuck's Camera Tweak   Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:06 pm

1. Go to your computer.

2. Go to local disk c.

3. Go to program files.

4. Find Tales Of Pirates (Or in this case Dungeon Sea Online) and click it.

5. Go to scripts.

6. Go to lua.

7. Here is where I bet someone will go stupid on me.

7. A)If you're doing it manually,open CameraConf or CameraConf.clu with a program like notepad. Then highlight all of the words, or scripts, and replace them with this :

C_NORMAL = 0 --Õý³£Ä£Ê½
C_NEAR = 1 --Æ«½üģʽ ¾àÀë±ÈÕý³£Ä£Ê½Æ«½ü
C_HIGHSPEED = 2 --¸ßËÙģʽ ¹Ì¶¨¾µÍ·, ²»¿ÉÐýת
C_SHIP = 3 --º£ÉÏģʽ ÔÚ´¬ÉÏ, ¾àÀëºÜÔ¶

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_NORMAL, 75, 30)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_NORMAL, 20, 60)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_NORMAL, 25, 30)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_NORMAL, 1)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_NORMAL, 60, 55)

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_NEAR, 28, 39.5)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_NEAR, 10.5, 36)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_NEAR, 17, 20)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_NEAR, 0)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_NEAR, 34, 34)

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_HIGHSPEED, 40, 45)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_HIGHSPEED, 25, 43)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_HIGHSPEED, 6, 26)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_HIGHSPEED, 0)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_HIGHSPEED, 42, 42)

CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_SHIP, 75, 30)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_SHIP, 20, 60)
CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_SHIP, 25, 30)
CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_SHIP, 1)
CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_SHIP, 60, 55)

function LoadCameraConfig()


B) If you're downloading it, download ->mediafire.com sharekey=5e15c450e63bf64a5bf1f12f1ff3f30ae04e75f6e8ebb871<- and save it under scripts -> lua and replace CameraConf or CameraConf.clu.

The end ; )

Edit: If it doesn't allow you to change it, drag the file onto anywhere else, change it, then replace it in the appropriate folder.

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Chuck's Camera Tweak
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